Penns Valley

On Centre: Penns Valley | Beauty of Millheim ‘plein’ to see

Last month, a group of local artists took in the beauty of Penns Valley and Brush Valley and put that inspiration on canvas on streets of Millheim during the town’s annual Mayfly Festival.

Soon, the paintings and other works created during the Plein Air Paint-Out sponsored by The Green Drake Gallery and Arts Center will be on display for all to see.

Highlighted works from the event will be featured Friday at an opening reception for a special show at the gallery titled “Penns Valley Through the Artists' Eyes.”

“We had so much great art depicting our beautiful corner of the earth created during the Plein Air Paint-Out that we decided to feature the best pieces in a longer show,” gallery employee Dana Morrison said in an email.

The painting competition, held in connection with the Mayfly festival on June 7 and 8, challenged 25 artist to to work in or near downtown Millheim during the festival, giving spectators a chance to see the creative process in action.

Participants had three days to work in the field. For the first two, they could work within a 6-mile radius of downtown Millheim, including “the farmland and mountains of eastern Penns Valley and parts of Brush Valley, many parts of Penns Creek including Poe Valley and Poe Paddy state parks, and several picturesque small towns including Millheim itself,” organizers wrote on the gallery’s website.

On the final day, artists had to work in Millheim, or within a 2-mile radius, so festival attendees could observe them at work.

The result was art celebrating the landscapes, people and culture of the valley.

“These works are one of a kind because they show places in the area that we know and love,” Morrison said.

The Plein Air Paint-Out works, as well as pieces by other gallery artists, will be on display from Wednesday through Sept. 1. An opening reception is scheduled from 6 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Friday at The Green Drake on West Main Street in Millheim.