Penns Valley

On Centre: Penns Valley | For some students, school’s not out for summer

If you’ve seen a bus full of elementary school students heading down the street in Penns Valley — it’s not September, and you’re not crazy.

Though it’s still July, and most students across the country are trying slow down the waning days of summer vacation, some in Penns Valley have actually been back in class for nearly a month.

According to the district, 120 students have been waking up early, hopping on the bus and going to class at Penns Valley Elementary School since July 8.

It’s part of a program to help students stay engaged in the learning process throughout summer break, and it continues until Thursday, Penns Valley officials said on the district’s website.

“The classes are designed to work on math and literacy skills that promote lifelong learning and academic success,” officials wrote on the website. “Teachers utilize strategies and differentiate within the classes in order to best meet the needs of every student attending.”

And as if getting a head start on the coming school year wasn’t reward enough, the students are in for a treat at the end of the program in the form of a field trip to the Barnes & Noble bookstore in State College.

Officials said they have offered summer learning programs over the past several years to facilitate continued learning.