Penns Valley

On Centre: Penns Valley: Sad over summer’s end? CrickFest can cheer you up

Labor Day is almost here, and with it end-of-the-summer celebrations, including a special one in Penns Valley.

It’s time again for the annual CrickFest, a celebration of local food and music and the natural beauty of the areas streams and woodlands.

Organizers are busy putting the final touches on celebrations, which this year will take place Sunday in Coburn.

The festival, a tradition in Penns Valley since 2002, serves as a celebration of the area’s waterways, farms and forests and as a showcase of the beauty that can be found along Elk, Pine and Penns creeks near Coburn Park, according to organizers.

A full slate of local music is again set for the festival, according to the Penns Valley Conservation Association’s website. And the festival will again feature popular children’s activities like the rubber duck races and plenty of learning opportunities.

The festival’s menu features a full slate of freshly prepared foods sourced from local farms, organizers said.

Money raised during the festival, which offers free admission, goes toward the conservation association’s environmental education programs in the Penns Valley Area School District and to the group’s work to preserve and restore waterways.

The conservation association serves as a steward for the natural and cultural communities in the Upper Penns Creek watershed, and seeks to preserve and honor the agricultural roots of Penns Valley by protecting and conserving its waters, farmlands, forests and rural heritage.

The festival is scheduled to run from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday at Coburn Park in Coburn.