Penns Valley

Longtime residents seek Gregg Township supervisor seat

Two longtime residents of the Penns Valley area are running against each other in the race for Gregg Township supervisor.

September marked Gregg Township Supervisor Pat Leary’s eighth year in the position. He’s running on the Democratic ticket against challenger Charles Stover.

Stover, a lifelong resident of Gregg Township, said he hopes to make the community more involved in township decision processes.

Leary, a Georges Valley resident, said he enjoys serving the community and hopes to continue to work on community needs.

“I hope to maintain that level of service,” Leary said.

During his tenure, Leary said, he helped compete two bridge projects on Harter and Ross Hill roads, but there are more bridge repairs that need to get done, he said.

Those include repairs and renovations to bridges on Reeder Road, and Lower Georges Valley Road near Muddy Creek and Lauren Run, Leary said.

The township obtained about $140,000 from the state in the effort to complete the Harter Road bridge project, which cost a total of about $265,000, Leary said. That project was complete in about nine months, he added.

As for zoning regulations, Leary said things are “good.”

“We worked with new regulations with downtown Spring Mills, and everything is good so far,” Leary said.

Leary said another accomplishment was taking on the community center in Spring Mills. Leary said the building was going to be abandoned by the school district. However about six years ago, it was made into a multipurpose facility.

It’s the only township-run community center in the area, Leary said.

Leary has been a resident of Centre County since 1969 and has lived in Georges Valley since 1985. He has been self-employed in the building trade industry for more than 40 years.

Stover said while he has no political background, being a lifelong resident of the township makes him qualified to fill the supervisor position.

“I’m familiar with the area, and think I know the area well and can work with the community to make it a better place,” Stover said.

Additionally, he worked for the township for 15 years starting in the late 1970s, Stover said.

There, Stover worked during the winter months with road and brush maintenance and said maintaining township roads are one of his priorities.

“It’s rural out here, but the roads are still heavily trafficked, and I hope to keep them up to standard or better than standard,” Stover said.

Another priority is making the community more involved in township decision-making.

“I want to be an ear for our residents,” he said. “I’d like to get them to be a part of the discussions. I don’t think the board should have the final decision.”

Stover grew up on a farm called Stover Gravel Acres where he raised livestock. He was self-employed in the excavating business and worked at a family-run company called Stover’s Grading and Excavating. Stover is employed at the Thomas D. Larson Pennsylvania Transportation Institute at Penn State.