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On Centre | Penns Valley: ‘Game’ on for high school drama club

It’s “Game of Thrones” — with a twist.

The Penns Valley Area High School advanced drama club is performing in a play this weekend that teacher Sarah Farrant said is “sure to bring a lot of laughs.”

“Game of Tiaras,” by Don Zolidis, is a mashup of “King Lear,” some Disney princesses and “Game of Thrones.”

An aging king — played by Dan Kozar — divides his kingdom among his daughters: Cinderella, played by Jane Kistler; the Snow Queen, played by Naomi Olsen-Zelman; and Belle, played by Taylor Smith.

Each daughter is bent on being the one true queen and makes alliances with princes — French Prince, played by Stephen Gover, and Prince Charming, played by Gino Nicosia — and builds armies to eliminate the others.

“My predecessor, Sue Shirey, had directed plays by the author Don Zolidis before, and he sent her a copy before it was published,” Farrant said. “She forwarded it to me, and I thought it was great. It blends Shakespeare with Disney and ‘Game of Thrones,’ so I believed that it would appeal to a broad audience.”

There are 16 students in the class who were responsible for art and set design, as well as costumes. Eight students who were not in the class agreed to take small roles, and five students volunteered to serve as stage crew.

Rehearsals began in late January.

“Students have been very positive about the play,” Farrant said. “They seem to be entertained by the plot and dialogue. They all have stage experience, so they know what they need to do to make sure things come together.”

This is the fourth play Farrant has directed this year at Penns Valley.