P-O school board seat contested in Rush Township

Philipsburg-Osceola has several school board seats on the ballot, but only one race is contested.

Nancy Lamb and Susan McGee do not have opponents on the ballot for their races, and Dana Droll made a late decision to seek her seat again and will run a write-in campaign for her race, which has no one listed on the ballot. Only the Rush Township race between incumbent Mary Ellen Holden and challenger Robert Massung is in contention.

Mary Ellen Holden

Mary Ellen Holden retired after serving P-O for years as an elementary school teacher. She was the longtime third-grade teacher at Osceola Mills Elementary.

Holden was one of several board members who came on board in response to issues between some members of the faculty and community with former school superintendent Stephen Benson.

Since joining the board, she has served as the district’s policy committee chairwoman.

Robert Massung

Robert Massung is a concerned parent of two boys who became interested in getting involved after the board declined to renew Benson’s contract in 2012. He said during the primaries that his message was one of “communication and active discussion to improve education.”

Massung works as an analysis and planning consultant at Penn State. If he were elected, it would be his first time holding public office.