Philipsburg Borough Council two-year seat remains open after resignation, election

A Philipsburg Borough Council seat continues to bounce back and forth without a permanent owner.

Walt Chorle resigned his seat in August. In September, the council appointed Michael Foreman to take his place. Foreman declined the position. In October, the decision was back in front of the council, at which point they tapped Wanda “Twigg” McDonald.

That appointment, however, was only temporary. Not only was the seat, with two remaining years, placed on the ballot for the November general election, but McDonald already was on the ballot for a four-year seat.

The Centre County Republican Party stepped in and put local recreation volunteer Sharon Goss on the ballot, unopposed, for the two-year position. With only one option, the game of electoral musical chairs might have ended there. It didn’t.

Goss was on the ballot twice, once for the two-year seat and again for a four-year. She won both.

“I am taking the four-year seat,” said Goss.

According to the Centre County elections office, the seat now bounces back to the council to try to appoint someone yet again. That shouldn’t be hard. The two-year seat had dozens of write-in votes, but the county said that the position does not automatically go to the runner-up.

That still leaves the council with a slate of names ready to pick from right off the ballot. Current council member Michael Wilks was narrowly defeated, coming in fifth of six for four positions, just 22 votes behind Goss. His colleague Dave Dixon ran a last-minute write-in campaign for the seat he had decided to not try to retain earlier in the year. Independent candidate Eric Bordas was also on the ballot for the four-year term.