Domestic violence forum fights back for victims

A Philipsburg seminar series will be exploring the world of domestic violence and its effects in the workplace.

The topic strikes close to home in the Moshannon Valley after the death of Traci Raymond Miscavish in March. The florist, mother and grandmother was shot and killed in her best friend’s office at Fezell’s County Market in Decatur Township by retired state police trooper Mark Miscavish, her estranged husband.

Main Street Manager Dana Shoemaker said the Lunch and Learn program on Nov. 15 at 11 a.m. at the Philipsburg Elks Country Club focuses on what employers or managers should know about domestic violence.

“We’re trying to get companies or organizations like churches, school districts, etc., anyone who runs an organization, to consider coming and learning about four hour certification that a company can get in how to detect and deal with domestic violence in the workplace. It takes the approach of ‘How are we going to deal?’ ” she said.

The effects of domestic violence don’t have to be as dramatic as a shooting or assault. Insurance claims filed for injuries, loss of productivity from physical pain or depression, fear of stalking, absences to try and hide evidence of assaults can all have a ripple through a business. Employers can learn how to help victims, and how to recognize abusers, to make a difference.

The Lunch and Learn will also include the video “Telling Amy’s Story,” the dramatic documentary of another Centre County murder. Amy Homan-McGee was killed in 2001 by her husband, Vincent McGee, another case that bled over into the workplace.

The deadline to register for the program is Monday. Cost is $10 for lunch. To make reservations, call Shoemaker at 577-3954.