On Centre: Around Philipsburg | Helpers to spruce up Black Moshannon State Park

If you want to get in touch with your environmental side this weekend, take a ride to Rush Township.

Earth Day was Tuesday, but when you live in the shadow of the big trees at Black Moshannon State Park, you don’t have to work hard to remember the environment.

Mother Nature does a good job of making you feel like a tiny piece of an amazing jigsaw puzzle whenever you drive up state Route 504 to the park. The road winds like the grass snakes you can step on if you don’t watch where you put your feet. Sunnies swim through the dark water the same way the Black Moshannon swims through the park. It’s hard to forget about the natural world around you when you are face to face with a flock of wild turkeys.

This weekend, the park is embracing Earth Day just a little bit late to give more visitors a chance to participate. The park management is asking for help getting Black Mo back to her springy, summery best after a very long, very rough winter.

Some of the projects on the to-do list include trail maintenance, litter pickup, leaf removal, a bit of light gardening and lots more sprucing. Or oaking or mapling. There are plenty of trees to choose from.

The park welcomes anyone who wants to celebrate Earth Day by helping get her ready for her busy summer season. As a thank you, free camping is available for Friday and Saturday evenings, and a free lunch will be provided.

Pre-registration is required. Call the park at 342-5960 for more details or registration.

And even if you don’t stop by to clean up, Mother Nature is a lot like your mom. She just appreciates a nice visit now and then. Feel free to stop out to the park for a hike.