On Centre: Around Philipsburg | Farmers market helps sate need for fresh veggies, baked goods

With the warmer weather, people are heading outside more and more. That grass that hasn’t been mowed through a thousand inches of snowfall? Buzz it. Those lilacs exploding into clouds of purple? Cut some.

But what about the garden? Sure, you can plant some corn, some tomatoes, some zucchini that always seems like such a good idea until you are buried in an avalanche of vegetables each as big as your leg.

That just makes you want the vegetables, and it makes you want them now. But the veggies are notoriously stubborn about taking weeks, if not months, to grow.

Enter the farmers market. No, really, enter it.

In Philipsburg, the local farmers market kicks off Saturday. From 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can stop by and get in touch with your inner salad chef.

Pick up some veggies from this vendor. Grab some fresh fruit from that one. Philipsburg Main Street’s Facebook page assures us there will be fresh strawberries, if not this weekend then next. You might find some flowering plants, or some interesting herbs. Sometimes there is even a vineyard represented.

The Amish vendors are my personal favorites. There is nothing bad about a raisin pie made from scratch with a crust that crumbles when you think about it, much less bite it. And if you are super lucky, the ladies who put out their jams and pickles will also put out a few jars of hot mustard butter, a condiment that might just be the secret of the universe.

The farmers market is in the municipal parking lot on Presqueisle Street, across from County National Bank.

If you stop by, make sure you have room for snacks, or at least samples. Most vendors are pretty proud of their produce. And make room in your car. You’ll probably need it.