Homage to Heritage: Kids celebrate annual festivities in Philipsburg

CDT photo

On the north end of Front Street, kids were having fun at Heritage Days on Wednesday.

The games weren’t elaborate. Match the letter or color or number to play bingo and win a book. The crafts weren’t complicated. String these colorful beads on a piece of twine to make your own necklace.

But for kids like Dalton Teats, 5, it was just the right thing for a lazy afternoon. He took his sweet time carefully building a picture frame, squirting glue here and picking just the right shape to stick there. He wandered from booth to booth, mom Rose Scoggins, of Morrisdale, and baby sister Alexa Zelensky, 1, trailing behind him, chatting with friends.

Moms like Dawn Harper, of Philipsburg, love Heritage Days for just that reason.

“I really like the kids activities,” she said as her brood clustered up the street, enjoying pizza and calzones before heading out to watch Vanessa, 10, perform hip hop numbers with her friend Ella Miller, part of the Shaw and Ghaner Dance presentation.

Kids were everywhere Wednesday. Little ones were getting their faces painted at Pappy Jack’s Place, the new Front and Centre arts studio. Older kids congregated in groups at the festival to people-watch and eat cheese fries.

Jim Pollock wouldn’t have it any other way. The chairman of the Heritage Days committee is especially proud of the family atmosphere of the event, which runs through Sunday.

“We have had a really good turnout,” he said. “There has been a steady crowd all day, and it is increasing with the entertainment tonight.”

That is good news for vendors like Liz and Adam Luzier, of Chambersburg. It is the fourth year for their Rosa’s Cantina, a rough-hewn, authentic-looking wooden booth offering fresh fried tacos, churros and chimichangas.

“We like the atmosphere,” said Liz.

“The people are very friendly. This is our vacation. For most people, they go to the beach. For us, we come here,” she said, covering a chimichanga with salsa and sour cream and handing it over with a smile.