On Centre | Around Philipsburg: Philipsburg senior center gets grant

Some communities skew young. They can be big collections of houses with swing sets and playhouses in the backyard, with bicycles dropped carelessly on the edge of the driveway.

Others lean to a more mature demographic. There are quiet streets and early bedtimes and not a sandbox or a skateboard in sight.

Philipsburg is a town where seniors and families live side by side.

Sometimes, generally at school board meetings, there are struggles with that.

The widow on a pension income is struggling to keep the house where she raised her four kids, while the couple raising three of their own today are looking for the best education possible to secure their children’s future.

But, generally, the two factions coexist pretty peacefully, even interdependently.

The patrons at the Philipsburg senior center, for example, are usually happy to lend a hand to a project that benefits children.

Kids, on the other hand, are often seen at the senior center.

There is overlap as youth groups come in to perform at Christmas, or when the facility has hosted the Philipsburg Main Street Program’s annual Chocolate Festival.

That makes it good news for everyone that the center was just awarded $39,470 as part of the Senior Community Center grant opportunity through the state Department of Aging.

The money is meant to help upgrade facilities, improve technology and boost programming.

Specifically, it will “increase the amount and types of activities that will be offered at the Philipsburg senior center.

These additional programs will help increase the socialization that is provided to the elderly in this community,” a recent news release said.

Seniors in the area make use of the facility for everything from cards with friends and financial counseling to something as simple as a hot lunch, and the community relies on the center as a place to help keep a precious resource, people we love, happy, healthy and connected to each other and to us.