Positive news for Philipsburg-Osceola on Keystone exams

Philipsburg-Osceola administrators are getting a good report card when it comes to a state test.

High school Principal Robin Stewart unveiled the school’s new scores on Keystone Exams at Tuesday night’s school board meeting.

In just the second year of Pennsylvania’s new secondary school standardized tests, P-O students improved in all areas.

Algebra scores rose an average of 8 percent, climbing from 47 percent proficiency in 2012-2013 to 55 percent in last year’s tests.

Seniors went from 48 to 56 percent while juniors increased from 46 to 59 percent proficiency.

Sophomore scores climbed just 5 percent, from 46 to 51 percent.

Biology scores increased from 51 to 58 percent buildingwide.

Senior scores rose by just 3 percent, to a proficiency of 54, with the remaining increase coming from the 61 percent of juniors who came in at or above the threshold.

Students who don’t pass have an opportunity to take remediation and retake the test until proficiency is reached to qualify for graduation.

Superintendent Gregg Paladina said the district’s scores came in about 15 percent above state averages for the tests.