On Centre | Around Philipsburg: Testosterone set to fuel Man Expo

Sometimes a guy just has to be a guy.


I’m sure there’s spitting involved, maybe some scratching. Is that sexist? It might make me a bad representative of womanhood, but I’m going to admit, some of the feminine stereotypes hold true for me.

I do like to shop, I do enjoy chocolate and I have thrown up my hands helplessly to get myself out of more than one sticky situation. (Thanks very much to the Rockview corrections officer who changed my tire that time I was stranded just outside the entrance.)

So I do assume that at least a few of the guy cliches are true. I have seen a lot of slack-jawed awe at a hardware store and seen fishing rods turn 6 feet of burly mechanic into a 6-year-old boy when he saw a fishing rod.

It’s not that a girl can’t get excited about a hot sports car, but I’ve seen guys fall in cartoon-style, heart-beating-out-the-chest love.

Starting at noon Saturday, more than a few of those masculine attention-getters will be on display at the Magnum Event Center in Wallaceton.

It is called the Man Expo, and it is billed as “the premier showcase of all things man.”

That’s a large order. It doesn’t seem far off, though.

For one thing, there’s beer tasting. Always a good place to start.

Throw in home improvement, martial arts, motor sports and all things outdoors, and it does become hard to believe that most guys couldn’t find something to make their engines rev.

Admission is free to attendees. Vendors include man-centric businesses near and far — DuBois Harley-Davidson to Your Cigar Den of State College, Belding and Mull of Philipsburg to Riepstine’s Brewery of Williamsport.

Of course, you don’t have to be a guy to drink a beer or ride a motorcycle, to shoot a gun or smoke a cigar. Promoters also say “ladies and the whole family” will have fun, too.