Poppy and Co. restaurant blooms in Philipsburg

A new restaurant has blossomed in downtown Philipsburg.

The eatery was inspired by, named after and decorated with poppies.

Poppy and Co., as it was affectionately dubbed by owner Jennifer Horton Foreman, opened Monday to a groundswell of support by locals, at one point making the opening day lunch wait 45 minutes long.

“Oh, they’ve been waiting for it and me, too,” she said. “We’ve all been chomping at the bit.”

It’s not hard to imagine why.

Ask any longtime customer of Horton Foreman’s — she owned the Gaslight Cafe for 11 years — and they’ll tell you the wait has been much longer. Doing the math quickly in her head, Horton Foreman said it’s been four years and two months since the old cafe closed, since she last served a customer she could call her own.

That 50-month gap between being able to call someone her regular just didn’t feel right.

“I missed the quaintness of downtown Philipsburg,” Horton Foreman said. “I missed my regulars. I missed the coziness of owning a restaurant and putting my personal touches on it.”

Poppy and Co.’s personal touches can be seen everywhere.

“It’s my grandmother’s favorite flower and what I call my dad,” Horton Foreman said. “We have the restaurant decorated with poppies everywhere. I have a picture here of my grandmother holding a poppy that she grew.”

The restaurant at 124 N. Second St. is about 2,800 square feet, seats 60 and employs five people, mostly family. Horton Foreman said they are not open to the public Saturday and Sunday, so the restaurant can be reserved for events like baby showers or banquets.

Asked why she opened another eatery in Philipsburg, she said, “For the people. Definitely, for the people.”