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Multiuse development proposed for Ferguson Township

A 10,100-square-foot multiuse building has been proposed for Ferguson Township.

The planned address of the three-story office and apartment building is 1217 N. Atherton St., according to the land development and lot consolidation plan submitted by PennTerra Engineering on behalf of HFL Corporation, the property owner. The name of the proposed development is the West Cherry Lane Multiuse Building.

The existing parcels contain single-family homes, Comfort Suites, Sleep Inn, TGI Fridays, Valvoline and offices along Village Drive.

Lindsay Schoch, community planner for Ferguson Township, said the businesses will remain on the property. HFL Corporation is proposing to remove three homes and two garages that exist on the site.

As per the township’s subdivision land development ordinance, a land development proposal sign was placed on the property within 10 days of March 31, when plans were first submitted. No projected construction timeline has been established.

“It’s early in the process,” Schoch said.

Ferguson Township Planning Commission completed an initial review of the plans in early April and sent comments back to PennTerra and HFL on April 24. Schoch said PennTerra plans to resubmit the week of May 8.

The next steps will involve another review by the planning commission, which will then, barring changes, recommend approval to the township’s board of supervisors. Once the board approves the plan, it can be recorded and, with the proper permits in place, construction can then begin.

The total number of parking spaces existing on-site total 403. HFL is proposing 40 additional spaces for the first-floor office, 18 spaces for the 12 apartments on floors two and three and 36 overflow spaces.

The plans also include a proposed four-bay garage, sidewalk and a single access driveway off West Cherry Lane.