State College

On Centre: Centre Region | Officials approve Alpha fire tanker replacement

Elected officials who discussed regional public safety issues Wednesday approved the purchase of a new tanker truck for the Alpha Fire Company.

As a schematic of the new truck was passed around the table, committee chairman and College Township Councilman Dave Koll said it’s easy to approve such projects when officials present so much information.

Steve Bair’s presentation Wednesday left few questions.

Tanker 519, which is housed at the State College station, is up for replacement. At 1,800 gallons, Bair said fire company officials wanted to ensure the new tanker exceeded that size, which could save costs when Alpha needs to replace a second tanker, scheduled for 2025.

“It’d be neat if that newer tanker could be of sufficient capacity,” he said.

The truck under consideration holds 3,000 gallons, without being too large or too expensive. Bair said it has a better turning radius than the current truck, which will allow crews to continue driving it out the back door of the borough station.

The truck started at a $500,000 budget, and gradually has decreased. Bair said it stands at $395,000 and that the truck will come from the state’s cooperative purchasing program, Copstars. In addition, the Council of Governments would get a $12,000 discount for paying the entire amount upfront.

“We’ve had nine pieces of equipment from this supplier with no problem,” Bair said. “We think it’s in the COG’s best interest to accept a little over $12,000 in discount.”

The total truck price is not yet finalized, but Bair estimated it will come it at about $390,000. With this week’s approval, he expects to have the final price next month and delivery of the truck in September or October.

Halfmoon volunteers sought

The Port Matilda Fire Company, which serves Halfmoon Township, is looking for volunteers who live there.

The company needs firefighters to respond to fire and rescue calls, as well as volunteers to work at fundraising events, like dinners and charity functions. Those workers also sometimes provide food during large fire or rescue events.

Those interested can call the fire house at 692-4074 or contact the secretary at pmfc15secretary