State College

State College police investigating graffiti incident at Radio Park Elementary School

State College police are investigating a graffiti incident in which an entire brick wall, windows and doors of the Radio Park Elementary School were covered with spray-painted words and drawings.

The school principal found the vandalism Sunday morning, and maintenance workers found a beer can, the workers said on the scene. Police said the incident to the rear of the building occurred sometime between 2 p.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday.

Words like “art” and “crazy” were spray-painted onto the building along with faces and other shapes. Workers were able to remove the graffiti from the windows and glass doors using cleaning solution, razor blades and scrapers but said they will need to hire a contracting crew to sandblast the brick clean.

Police don’t have a suspect as of Sunday afternoon, but are looking for anyone who saw suspicious activity or has other information to call 234-7150.

This incident comes almost three months after graffiti was applied to Park Forest Baptist Church, on Carnegie Drive in Patton Township.