State College

State College school board to get high school project information from architect firm

The State College Area school board president said Monday’s meeting could go a long way in determining a final concept for the high school project.

Penni Fishbaine said the architects behind the project, Crabtree Rohrbaugh and Associates, will be at the meeting to answer any of the board’s questions about the design of the project to help members choose between the remaining two concepts.

“I think it should be a very good session,” she said. “We’ll learn a lot about the two different concepts and what will work best for our high school.”

The fundamental difference between the two remaining choices choices is that Concept D would locate all core academic classes in the school’s South Building, and Concept B would keep core classes in both buildings with a walkway connecting the two.

Concept D would still utilize the North Building for the natatorium and the main gym with additions and/or renovations to the South Building. Concept B would include additions and renovations to both buildings.

Fishbaine said a major question that she will try to get answered from both board and architect feedback is the bridge or walkway in concept B. She wants to know exactly what the design would look like.

This is the last major design-focused meeting before the second planned elimination at the Sept. 9 meeting. The Aug. 26 meeting will focus more on the educational model and cost concerns.

Fishbaine said she is happy with the process to this point and is confident the board will be able to come to the necessary conclusions to choose a final concept for the May referendum.