State College

Lemont man accused of stalking high school girl addresses State College council

STATE COLLEGE A Lemont man accused of stalking a 17-year-old girl appeared before the Borough Council Monday night to express concerns related to bullying and harassment he said he received from State College police.

However, Police Chief Tom King responded by saying that state police and the District Attorney’s Office investigated those allegations and did not find evidence to bring charges in the matter.

David A. Adewumi spoke during the council’s public comment period. Police have said the 25-year-old developed a relationship with the girl and allegedly sat in on one of her State High classes, also contacting her frequently by text messages.

He was released on bail from the Centre County Correctional Facility on Sept. 10. Adewumi was previously held on $50,000 bail and waived his preliminary hearing last month.He told the council he has expressed his concerns to Mayor Elizabeth Goreham and Manager Tom Fountaine. He said he passed on numerous documents related to the girl being abused by her father, who is a police officer.

“I felt that certain members of the police department retaliated against me,” he said.

He said he received a phone call that police needed to serve Adewumi with a protection from abuse order — which was granted in May for the girl — and said he was, instead, “cornered and accosted” and that police “clearly lied and misled me.”

Goreham said the council meeting may not be the place to raise such serious concerns.

King said when Adewumi wrote to him regarding the allegations, he consulted with the District Attorney’s Office and gave the case to state police, because it involved State College police. King said he was told the allegations were unfounded.

“The allegations that he’s made, again, have been investigated,” King said. “There’s nothing active at the moment, but I am frustrated.”

King said he’s had a good rapport with Adewumi, but that the council needed to know state police and other agencies involved had reached conclusions in the case.

“I need to let the public know that all this is not new to us,” he said.