State College

Elizabeth Goreham wins second term as State College mayor

With 62 percent of the vote, Mayor Elizabeth Goreham will serve a second term, according to unofficial county election results Tuesday night.

Goreham, a Democrat, received 1,634 votes in the 19 State College precincts to Republican Ron Madrid’s 1,019 votes.

Neither returned messages for comment late Tuesday.

Earlier in the day, Goreham, Madrid and their supporters stumped at the polls.

Goreham greeted voters around the borough, including New Covenant Baptist Church in the late afternoon. Her fingerless gloves weren’t cutting it as the sun set and temperature dropped.

She said the apparent low turnout in the borough — less than 1 percent in some precincts and above 40 percent elsewhere — made her nervous, but that it could make a difference to appear at the polls.

“If you’re there, maybe they haven’t decided on your race,” Goreham said of speaking to voters as they arrive to cast ballots. “It doesn’t change a lot of votes, but maybe a few.”

Mary Marino sported two “Madrid for Mayor” buttons at State College South 1, the Knights of Columbus building on Stratford Drive.

Marino said she’s known Madrid for a decade and as a neighbor.

“I think we really can make a difference,” she said. “The mayor does have a veto, but I’m confident Ron wouldn’t use it unless someone’s rights were being violated.”

Marino said Madrid presents himself well and treats students with respect and as adults.

“He’s good at bringing both sides to the table,” she said, a unifying presence for the borough.