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College Township again considering proposals for Hilltop Mobile Home Park site

A rezoning proposal for the former Hilltop Mobile Home Park that failed last month is back on the table.

Township Council received several new rezoning requests Thursday from landowners in and around the former Hilltop site.

One request, from Kenneth and Sharon Mayes, owners of the Hilltop land, is the same one council voted down last month.

The panel tabled the requests at a regular meeting Thursday and will return to the issue later.

Township Manager Adam Brumbaugh said Friday that council wants to collect more public feedback, and has directed staff to provide additional information about possible residential densities, before deciding the matter.

Council voted last month to deny the rezoning request that would have seen the Hilltop site and neighboring property changed to gateway commercial.

That’s a special zoning district in the township that allows for mixed commercial and residential use.

Though the attempt failed, council did approve changes to gateway commercial to make applying it at Hilltop more palatable for neighbors and others.

The changes included limited density and size of residential buildings and tightened height restrictions within 300 feet of R1 residential property.

The panel also approved an amendment to the township’s official map that could allow Puddintown Road to be extended across East College Avenue and into the Hilltop site when a developer eventually comes in with a specific land plan.

Some residents last month said they were unsure of the details of the rezoning plan, and members of council who voted against it said they wanted more clarity before moving forward.

Brumbaugh said the matter could return before council in July.