State College

2 arrested in State College apartment melee

A fight at the Meridian I apartment building on East College Avenue led to the arrests of two Penn State students early Friday morning.

According to a criminal complaint, Samuel Adams, 21, and Sean Elliot, 21, both of Harrisburg, smashed a 40 ounce. bottle of beer at about 2 a.m. into the door of Michael Garguilo, also a Penn State student, who lives across the hall.

When Garguilo opened the door to confront the pair, the complaint said, Adams and Elliot forced their way into the apartment, repeatedly shoving and punching Garguilo. Elliot eventually put him into a chokehold, according to the complaint, and Adams continued the assault, punching Garguilo in the face.

After releasing the chokehold, the pair continued to yell at Garguilo and his girlfriend until Elliot chased the woman into her room, the complaint said.

Elliot and Adams eventually left the apartment, upon which Garguilo stated he was calling the police, the complaint said. The pair then attacked the door of the apartment, “kicking, screaming, threatening and punching the door until police arrived on the scene,” the complaint said.

Garguilo sustained superficial injuries. According to State College police Lt. Keith Robb, Adams and Elliot were arrested and charged with simple assault, burglary and trespassing.

They were arraigned Friday before District Judge Thomas Jordan. According to court documents, a preliminary hearing is scheduled for Wednesday.