State College

State College Area School District unveils budget with $10 million increase

At a board meeting Monday, the State College Area School District unveiled its preliminary 2015-16 budget that is nearly $10 million more than the current budget and calls for a 5.5 percent tax increase.

A report from the district said the projected $135,778,624 budget includes $480,000 in new program initiatives and reflects the impact of the proposed $85 million loan during a 30-year period for the State High project.

The proposals include a 1.9 percent tax increase that follows the state-mandated Act 1 index and a 3.6 percent increase related to the referendum debt, as recommended by district administration.

The Act 1 index is used to determine the maximum tax increases for each tax the school district levies.

That would amount to $155 a year for the average district taxpayer, district spokesman Chris Rosenblum said.

The board will reopen budget talks at its Jan. 26 meeting with hopes of approving the final preliminary budget Feb. 9.