State College

Schlow Library to remain closed until Thursday

Schlow Centre Region Library is expected to be closed through Wednesday, reopening around noon Thursday, according to an email from the library.

Contractors and staff are continuing to work to repair damage caused when a sprinkler pipe burst Monday, communications manager Susanna Paul said in the email.

“Professionals initiated the dry-out process Monday morning, and moisture sensors throughout the building indicate that it is progressing smoothly,” she said. “Many undamaged books were relocated to other parts of the library to enable the carpet dry out.”

Director Cathi Alloway said a recent sprinkler test went well, but the system still needs to be monitored to make sure there are no leaks or evidence of permanent damage.

Because much of the building is still in disarray, she said, there was no way the building could be open before noon Thursday.

“With any water-based damage, it’s a slow process because there’s a lot of drying-out to be done,” she said.

It’s likely that affected areas will remain closed to the public even after Schlow reopens, she said. This includes the Downsbrough Community Room and the section of bookshelves containing adult biographies.

Alloway said she was touched by the generosity and concern of the State College community after the accident.

“We really value the wonderful support and concern everyone in the community has,” she said.