State College

CATA to wrap 12 more buses with ads

More ad-wrapped buses could be seen on the streets of the Centre Region in the near future as the CATA board of directors approved a total of 12 buses to be added to the wrap program.

The board approved adding the wraps to the overall advertising program on Feb. 10, CATA marketing manager Jackie Sheader said. Based on the positive feedback by the participating municipalities, she was confident the board would approve continuation.

The ad program will continue with the four currently-wrapped 40-foot Excelsior buses through June 30, she said. On July 1, another four Excelsior buses will become available for wrapping along with four 30-foot commuter buses.

CATA is in talks with some advertisers, but no wraps are currently in the works, she said. It can take up to a month to create and install a wrap once the contract has been signed between CATA and the advertiser.