State College

College Township Council weighs rezoning of Shiloh Road parcels

While no action was taken Thursday, the Township Council will revisit a proposal to rezone 141 acres of land along Shiloh Road.

The owners of five parcels of land in the agricultural zoning district, totaling about 36 acres, have requested rezoning their parcels to general commercial, senior planner Mark Holdren said. Council then directed staff to review the two parcels on both sides of Shiloh Road adjacent to the requested parcels.

The property of both the parcels extends beyond the boundaries of College Township into Benner Township, he said, where the properties have already been zoned regional commercial. The property within College Township boundaries totals about 100 acres. All the parcels are within the regional growth boundary and sewer service area.

While there are no floodplains or wetlands on the properties, he said, infiltration of nearby soil does have the potential to impact the nearby Rogers Well. Sinkholes have also been found in the area, and the College Township Water Authority has been studying ways to limit infiltration in the area to protect the well.

Shiloh’s proximity to Interstate 99 provides easy access from a number of different communities, he said, including State College, Bellefonte and Pleasant Gap. CATA would also be open to adjusting its routes to provide public transportation.

According to Holdren, staff recommends the parcels be rezoned into sections of general commercial C-1, which offers a range of retail, service and office uses; two-family residential R-2, creating moderately dense residential development; and planned research business district, which provides for research, engineering and office uses as well as commercial uses in a business park setting, similar to Innovation Park at Penn State.

Councilwoman Carla Stilson said she would like to see some sort of buffer zone between the potential developments and the University Area Joint Authority, given the recent odor issues the township faced.

Council is expected to revisit the issue in about four weeks. According to a memo by the Centre Region Planning Agency, a public hearing date could be set for July 16.