State College

N.J. company buys MPI Research building in Ferguson Township

MPI Research has sold one of its facilities in Ferguson Township, but it has not yet been determined how many people might lose their jobs.

The company also owns a building at 3058 Research Drive, next to the one it sold. It is unknown if it will continue to operate.

Phibro Animal Health, a New Jersey-based company, bought the 3048 Research Drive facility for $1.42 million last week.

“I can comment that we have begun operations at the facility, and we acquired the operations there,” Phibro chief financial officer Richard Johnson said. “We were previously customers of MPI, and we’re now going to do this work on our own behalf.”

Johnson said operations, which he described as “analytical laboratory services,” continued as they normally would at the facility when the deal was closed May 15.

“We’re very happy with this addition to our company and look forward to moving forward,” he said.

About 50 people were employed by MPI Research before it sold one of its facilities. A company official did not specify how many will continue to work for the company in State College.

“Phibro has offered employment to certain former MPI Research employees in State College in connection with the acquisition,” MPI Research associate director of marketing Lisa Yoder said via email. “Further inquiries regarding Phibro should be directed to Phibro Investor Relations. With regard to the remaining MPI Research employees in State College; while a small number of staff were relocated to Michigan, final employee transitions for the remaining employees in State College have yet to be determined.”

Johnson declined to specify how many people who previously worked at the facility were offered employment at Phibro.

“We’ve offered employment to a substantial number of people that were involved in supporting our needs there, and they will become our employees,” Johnson said. “I know it wasn’t everyone.”