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Patton Township OKs subdivision plan

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a subdivision plan that seeks to create more than 40 single-family homes in the township.

The lots, known as the Reserve and the Reserve East, are located at the northwest corner of Gray’s Woods Boulevard and Meeks Lane, according to township documents. The properties include the former College Gardens Nursery.

A portion of the Reserve East lot is located on the southern side of Grays Woods, according to the plan. The Patton Township Planning Commission requested a 10-foot easement along Meeks for a future shared bikeway, township Manager Doug Erickson said. The developer is willing to provide an additional 15-and-a-half feet right-of-way in addition to the space for the bike path.

The Reserve East plan calls for the creation of 41 single-family lots and three open space lots, Erickson said. The Planning Commission noted that grading would be needed along Meeks to correct a sight distance issue and no building permits would be issued until the grading was addressed.

Based on 41 single-family lots, the development is also required to provide 21/2 acres of parkland, according to township documents. The developer requested that the Planning Commission consider both the Reserve and the Reserve East collectively to determine parkland requirements.

Supervisors approved the plan pending confirmation of the sight distance issue and approval of a parkland proposal to satisfy the requirements. Supervisors Bryce Boyer and Jeff Luck were absent.

In other business, the township continues to negotiate with PennDOT over an issue of left turns from Park Forest Avenue and North Atherton Street. Erickson said he recently spoke with the PennDOT district executive, but called the conversation “not productive.”

Erickson said the township has another two to four weeks before development is scheduled to continue at the former A&P site. According to supervisors, PennDOT is withholding approvals that will allow the development to proceed until the township prohibits left turns at the intersection.

Erickson suggested that supervisors reach out to local legislators to see if they could intervene on the township’s behalf.