Police investigating killing of pregnant cow

It’s not a common occurrence, at least not one that local police have investigated — someone could be poaching in Centre County.

A pregnant cow was shot and killed with a high-caliber rifle on a farm in Curtin Township. The shooting occurred on Sept. 9 or 10, and days later a buck was found, dead from another shooting. The cow was a registered Black Angus.

Police recently decided to release information on the case in hopes that someone will come forward with information.

“This particular investigation is an individual, unique case,” Rockview Trooper Madison Harris said. “It has never happened to this farmer.”

The farmer initially believed his cow died of natural causes, but contacted police when he realized that wasn’t the case. He also contacted the Pennsylvania Game Commission, which could not be reached for comment, when he found the dead buck.

Harris said it could be a case of poaching and that charges could include animal cruelty and criminal mischief.

Harris asked that anyone with information about the case to call 355-7545.

Centre County District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller said she has not heard of any recent similar incidents in the area, but “we may not hear of all poaching incidents since the game wardens might not tell us about everything they do or see or cite for if it’s wildlife.”

She said there was a case years ago in which a cow, a pet to its owners, was shot.

“These guys, for no reason at all, shot this beautiful, unusual cow with long hair,” Parks Miller said. “It was like a pet to the owners. It would come up to be petted every day by them. The guys shot it for ‘fun’ while out poaching. They had been drinking ... They were charged. The community was very upset.”