Details emerge in case against Curtis Enis

Tom Fedor

One man needed surgery for ligament damage to his knee. Another had to make multiple medical visits after he was punched in the face.

Curtis Enis is to blame, according to State College police in an affidavit.

The former Penn State running back, a consensus All-American in 1997 and first-round pick the following year, has been charged in State College with two counts of misdemeanor simple assault and two counts of harassment, which are summary offenses.

Police said that Enis attacked each man, but he told authorities they had it backwards.

Officers were waived down by Lions Den staff on Oct. 22, the night of the Ohio State game, to help an injured man. They pointed out Enis as the aggressor and said the former star running back was unprovoked in his attack.

Bar staff attempted to restrain Enis, who weighs about 300 pounds, but were unsuccessful. Enis then tackled another man, who suffered severe damage to his right knee. The man had been walking in the area and did not know Enis or understand why he was tackled.

Enis denied any wrongdoing and told police that he had been attacked, defended himself and was trying to get away from the situation.

Witnesses told police that Enis punched the first man, tried to punch bar staff who attempted to restrain him and tackled the second man, all for unknown reasons.