A man exposed himself to 5 women at different times in the library, police say

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A Penn State student is facing misdemeanor charges after allegedly exposing himself to multiple women on campus.

According to the criminal complaint filed by Penn State police, five incidents of indecent activity were reported having occurred at different dates and times at the Pattee Library by five different women.

The investigation started on April 10, police said, when the first woman reported studying in the “stacks” area of the library in the evening hours of April 9 into 10. She reported a man sat at a table next to her and had been staring at her.

At about midnight, police said, she noticed the man sitting at the table had his pants down just enough to expose himself. She immediately left the area. Cameras at the library were determined to be out of service at this time.

A second woman contacted officers on April 18, police said, and reported sitting in the second floor of the stacks when a man sat near her and continually looked at her. She reported he had been touching himself, but did not expose himself.

After yelling at the man, she left the area, police said.

A third woman met with officers on April 21, police said, saying she had been studying on the first floor of the stacks when a man walked in and sat near her. She reported he had been staring at her and noted his “hand moving in the area of his lap” before she left the area.

Cameras were found to be working on April 21, police said, and a man matching the description given by the women was reportedly seen running out of the first floor stacks exit into the lobby and leaving the library. This reportedly happened at the same time frame reported by the third woman.

All three women confirmed it had been the same man through surveillance photos, police said. Police received multiple tips over the next few days allegedly identifying the man as Shaun A. McAndrew, 20, of Ossining, N.Y.

McAndrew reportedly contacted dispatch on April 25, police said, saying he wanted to confess to “an indecent act he committed on campus.” McAndrew allegedly claimed the act took place at the library and “a girl was seducing me.”

He met with officers later that day, police said, and allegedly admitted to exposing himself to two different women. He reportedly claimed they asked him to expose himself on both occasions.

A fourth woman contacted officers on April 28, police said, saying she had been in the library in the evening hours of April 10 into 11. She had reportedly been studying on the third floor of the stacks when a man sat behind her and stared at her.

She reported seeing the man in an aisle beside her moving his hand around his pants, police said, but denied he exposed himself to her.

The fifth woman reached out to officers on May 1, police said, advising she had been in the gender-neutral bathroom on the first floor on April 21 when a man exposed himself to her. Surveillance footage reportedly showed McAndrew leaving the library near the bathroom.

McAndrew was charged via summons Friday by District Judge Steven Lachman, according to court documents, and faces multiple misdemeanor counts of indecent exposure, open lewdness and disorderly conduct. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 21.

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