Curwensville man accused of robbery

A Curwensville man accused of robbing a drug store at gun point waived his right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday during centralized court in Clearfield County.

Jeff A. Ullery, 40, faces felony charges of robbery, theft by unlawful taking and possession of firearms prohibited, and a misdemeanor charge of theft by unlawful taking. The case now moves on to the Court of Common Pleas. He remains incarcerated at the county jail in lieu of $250,000 bail.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, the pharmacist of City Drug Store in Curwensville told police on May 30 that he saw a man with an orange raincoat standing at the counter. When he asked the man if he could help him, the man allegedly mumbled “I want a bottle of Percocet”. The man allegedly stepped back and pulled a pistol from his right front pocket. He then reportedly said “no one else has to die today.”

The pharmacist walked toward the back where the narcotics are kept. He was able to push a silent alarm and alert two employees of the situation.

The pharmacist reportedly took the bottle with the least amount of pills in it and put it in a white bag. After the pharmacist asked the man if he wanted to look at it, he allegedly stepped back again to show the pistol. He then took the bag and walked away, according to police.

The pharmacist said the man looked familiar, adding that he thought it might be Steven Ullery. He gave police a description of the man, including that he was wearing jeans and a camouflage jacket. He also reported that the gun was a .22 caliber pistol with a wooden handle.

Joan Ullery was then interviewed at her residence. She reportedly told police the family had been having problems with her son, Jeff Ullery.

When he left her home that day, she said he was wearing had an orange raincoat and a camouflage shirt. She identified the man in a surveillance camera photo as Jeff Ullery.

Police spoke with Steven Ullery who said he came home after he heard of the robbery. He noted that a .22 pistol he kept in his bedroom was missing.