A self-proclaimed devil, a stand-in attorney, marijuana and more: Local sentencings

A Lehigh County man drove about 11 hours to be sentenced Tuesday, but his attorney was not in the courtroom alongside him, so his father attempted to facilitate his son's guilty plea and sentencing.

Alexander Boty, 22, was scheduled to plead guilty and be sentenced in July, but he did not plan on being available because of his obligations to the Army. His guilty plea and sentencing was consequently moved up and his attorney, John Waldron, was unavailable because of prior commitments to other clients, according to Boty's father.

"We have a little window to get this accomplished," Boty's father said.

Judge Brian Marshall and Assistant District Attorney Amanda Chaplin both said they were "a little uncomfortable" with his father's participation because he is not a licensed attorney or the attorney of record.

All three parties eventually agreed to call Waldron and have him represent Boty via telephone.

Boty, Alexander.jpg
Alexander Boty

Boty eventually pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct and one other charge. Boty grabbed a man's food and threw it into the street in January 2017 before getting behind the man, placing him in a choke hold and making him unconscious for about 16 seconds.

"I just really appreciate you taking the time, your honor, for looking over my case," Boty told Marshall before sentencing.

Marshall sentenced Boty to one year of probation, a $400 fine and ordered him to pay $2,150.44 in restitution. Boty is also prohibited from consuming alcohol or non-prescribed drugs during his sentence.

Sherry Houtz

A Boalsburg woman was sentenced to participate in a domestic violence intervention program and undergo a mental health evaluation after a domestic incident involving her daughter in January.

Sherry Houtz, 38, told State College police she was upset about her daughter being home alone with a teenage boy. Houtz also told police she has an anger problem and attempted to force her daughter to cut Houtz's wrists with a butcher's knife.

Judge Marshall also sentenced Houtz to one year of probation, a $200 fine and two days of community service.

Juan Toranzo-Rodrigues

Juan Toranzo-Rodrigues

A Michigan man found to be in possession of 36 bags of marijuana was sentenced to at least six months at the Centre County Correctional Facility, one year of probation and a $400 fine on Tuesday.

Juan Toranzo-Rodrigues pleaded guilty to one felony count of possession with intent to deliver and one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia in May.

Toranzo-Rodrigues received 16 days' credit for time previously served and is eligible for work release. His maximum prison sentence is 23 and a half months.

August Grannis

Grannis, August.jpg
August Grannis

A Clearfield County man who claimed to be the devil was sentenced to two years of probation, one day of community service and a $75 fine on Tuesday.

August Grannis, 35, pleaded guilty to one misdemeanor count of terroristic threats on June 1 after telling a woman, "If you don't come out, I will kick the door in and slice your throat."

Judge Marshall also sentenced Grannis to pay the cost of prosecution, prohibited him from contacting the woman he made the threats to and prohibited him from consuming alcohol or non-prescribed drugs during his sentence.