Former Centre County prosecutor Steve Sloane arraigned for allegedly selling pot

A Centre County attorney who worked on the side of law enforcement for years is now facing charges that he sold marijuana.

Steve Sloane, a former county assistant district attorney, was arraigned Tuesday on seven felony counts, a third-degree felony and a misdemeanor for allegedly selling marijuana.

Sloane, 53, is free on $100,000 bail after an arraignment by video conference with Mifflin County District Judge Tammy Hunter. Because Sloane has been a practicing attorney in Centre County, an out-of-county judge was used.

According to the criminal complaint, on Oct. 26, 2011, an officer with the Narcotic Enforcement Team in Modesto, Calif., contacted State College police after intercepting a FedEx package two days earlier that contained 2 ounces of pot and 20 hydrocodone pills. A Steven Ice, of Modesto, Calif., was listed as the shipper of the package being sent to Sloane at the Masorti & Sullivan law office (now Masorti & Donaldson) where he worked for about four months last year, the report says.

Police also said a Western Union customer receipt shows that Sloane sent $250 to Ice on Aug. 21, 2011.

In an interview on Nov. 9, Sloane reportedly told police that Ice was a friend he met in the Air Force, and that Ice began sending him packages in April or May 2011 that contained legal documents.

"He said one of the first packages from Ice contained a small amount of marijuana. Sloane said he was upset with Ice for sending the marijuana," the complaint stated.

It said that Sloane acknowledged later in the interview that he had received prescription pills from Ice one time and pot three times and that he had given the pot to several people.

"He said he was a former Oxycontin addict," the complaint said, describing the police interview with Sloane. "He said he could not abuse drugs now because of his stomach surgery. Sloane then said, 'Look me in the eyes. I do not smoke marijuana and I never sold marijuana to another.' "

The criminal complaint goes on to describe interviews police conducted with several witnesses who said they bought pot from Sloane. Two said they met Sloane while working at the law office.

Sloane worked briefly at Masorti & Sullivan last year but was terminated when Phil Masorti learned of the investigation.

Sloane's attorney, Roy Lisko, declined to comment.

Sloane was a longtime assistant district attorney for Centre County, including working under Ray Gricar, the district attorney who went missing in 2005 and was later declared legally dead.