Former assistant district attorney waives hearing on drug charges

Former Centre County Assistant District Attorney Steve Sloane faces possible trial for allegedly selling marijuana he received from California to employees at the law firm where he worked.

Sloane, 53, has waived his right to a preliminary hearing on felony drug charges. Police filed those charges in October, alleging Sloane sold marijuana in September and October 2011 to two different men.

After several continuances, Sloane was scheduled to be in Centre County court for his preliminary hearing Wednesday, but waived his right to the hearing early, according to court documents.

He is being represented by public defender Deborah Lux.

Sloane was a Centre County prosecutor for a number of years until the current district attorney, Stacy Parks Miller, took office in January 2010 and made staffing changes. His time as a prosecutor included working for Ray Gricar, the district attorney who went missing in 2005 and was later declared legally dead.

Robert Donaldson, partner at Masorti & Donaldson, has said Sloane worked at the law firm from July to October 2011. Sloane’s employment was terminated when the firm learned of the criminal investigation, Donaldson said.