College Township man sentenced for assaulting wife

A College Township man who punched his wife in the face while he was driving has been ordered to attend a batterer's intervention program.

Douglass Marlow II, 30, was in court Tuesday for sentencing in his simple assault case. Marlow won’t spend any time in jail, as Judge Bradley P. Lunsford gave him credit for the one day he already served, but he will be on parole for the next 231/2 months.

Marlow asked the judge to be lenient. He said he volunteers with a motorcycle club, raises money for charities and sought counseling on his own.

But Lunsford thought Marlow was holding back and didn’t realize the seriousness of domestic violence.

“You don’t hit a girl,” Lunsford told him.

Lunsford ordered that Marlow have no contact with his wife, but the judge gave an exception for Marlow to attend counseling with the wife if she and the counselor agree.

Assistant District Attorney Crystal Hundt wanted a much stiffer punishment. She asked that Marlow get 30 days in the county jail and said a sentence of one day or probation would be “appalling.”

Marlow was charged with simple assault stemming from an argument with his wife on Jan. 2 that turned physical. According to the charging documents, Marlow saw some text messages on his wife’s cellphone from another man and then hit her.

Marlow told the judge that he was unprovoked when he slapped his wife’s nose, punched her in the face and elbowed her jaw.