San Diego man gets jail time for naked apartment burglaries

A college student from California was sentenced Tuesday to 60 days in the county jail for an episode this past winter when he was drunk, went into two downtown State College apartments and exposed himself to the people inside.

Chase Carmody, 21, of San Diego, also pleaded no contest Tuesday to two counts of burglary as part of a deal with the Centre County District Attorney’s Office. Other counts, including open lewdness, were withdrawn according to the agreement.

State College police charged Carmody on Jan. 8 after a report of a man who was seen masturbating in an apartment bedroom at 316 W. College Ave. While the police were searching for him, they got a report about a naked man in another apartment there. Police said they came across a naked Carmody running down the stairs and caught him in the underground parking garage.

Carmody’s lawyer, Matthew McClenahen, said the young man drank a lot that night and does not remember a thing. McClenahen said the surveillance video shows Carmody walking around with the same “casuality” as anyone would in the privacy of his or her home.

“He’s that drunk that he has no consciousness that anything is amiss,” McClenahen said.

Judge Pamela A. Ruest knocked 10 days off Carmody’s sentence for the time he’d already spent in the county jail.