State College Uni-Mart employee charged with lying about armed robbery faces trial

A Uni-Mart employee who police say lied about being robbed outside the College Township convenience store now faces possible trial on the charges.

Diana Chase, of Julian, waived her right to a preliminary hearing Wednesday on charges that she stole $10,000 from her employer and lied to police about what happened.

She faces felony charges of theft by deception and receiving stolen property and misdemeanor counts of false reports to law enforcement and unsworn falsification to authorities.

Chase’s report that she was robbed Aug. 20 in the parking lot outside Uni-Mart set off a large police response, as officers searched the surrounding area for what they initially thought was an armed suspect.

Chase initially reported that she was carrying a bank deposit bag when a man wielding a box-cutter approached in broad daylight, took $10,000 and ran off.

But police apparently became suspicious, and a review of video surveillance footage allegedly shows no robbery occurred. Instead, footage from earlier shows the woman taking off with the money.