Bellefonte woman sentenced for heroin crimes

A borough woman was sent to jail Friday as punishment for selling heroin to a confidential informant and driving while under the influence of heroin and bath salts.

Cody Alterio, 30, had been convicted of DUI charges during a bench trial in June and pleaded guilty to selling the drugs.

Her lawyer, Tami Fees, asked Judge Jonathan Grine on Friday to go easy on her client, saying she successfully completed a six-month stint in the Clinton County lockup for retail theft.

“She understands the difference between her life with heroin and without heroin, and she wants to stay heroin-free,” Fees said.

Prosecutor Kelley Gillette-Walker wanted a stiffer sentence, adding that Alterio sold heroin to the informant in an area close to a school zone.

“She should not get a volume discount for committing multiple offenses,” Gillette-Walker said.

The DUI case stemmed from a report of a woman in the trunk of a car last September. When Bellefonte police caught up with Alterio, she said she had tried bath salts but insisted she was not paranoid.

Alterio told the judge that she takes responsibility and wants to move on with her life.

Grine gave Alterio a year and 90 days in the county jail plus two years of probation.