2 men charged in violent Bellefonte robbery face trial after extradition

Two local men who were accused in a violent armed robbery here and were later found in North Carolina returned to Bellefonte on Wednesday to answer to the charges.

Garrett Freeman, of Millheim, and Cameron Woodring, of Bellefonte, waived their rights to preliminary hearings Wednesday on charges they staged a home-invasion-style burglary in the early morning hours of Aug. 26 at a house on East Bishop Street in Bellefonte.

Bellefonte police said they received a tip that led to the pair’s arrest in Johnson County, N.C., south of Raleigh. The men were taken into custody two weeks ago and have since been extradited back to Centre County.

Freeman and Woodring face possible trial on charges including felony counts of burglary and robbery.

The men allegedly used firearms to assault two people, smashing one in the face with the butt of a shotgun during the robbery, which police said appears to have been drug-related.

Freeman and Woodring are accused of taking $10,000 in cash and roughly a pound of marijuana from a safe in the residence.

One of the victims of the Bellefonte robbery was able to identify Freeman partly by his “unique Southern accent,” police wrote in charging documents.

After storming into the home, Freeman is alleged to have said “Word on the street is there’s an (expletive)-load of bud and cash here. I’m a desperate man, and we have shotguns, a pistol and knuckle-dusters,” investigators said.

Police said the men posed as law enforcement when approaching the home between 2 and 3 a.m. Aug. 26. Once inside, they assaulted and tied up residents before burglarizing the home.