Nurse convicted of theft has license revoked

A nurse who was convicted of stealing money from a patient has had her license revoked by the state nursing board.

Holly Dubbs, 52, whose last known address was in Liberty Township, was working as a technician at Centre Dermatology in Patton Township when she was accused of theft in the spring of 2009. The revocation was effective in October.

A male patient told police that cash had been taken from his pants pocket twice while he was under the care of Dubbs. He told the police that $100 was taken the first time, and $50 the next. The patient told police he saw Dubbs going through his pants pockets another time.

Dubbs admitted to police that she had taken the money and said she’d been going through financial difficulties. She ended up serving a year of probation.

The nursing board found that the theft charges violated state law. Dubbs was notified that she could face sanctions, but she did not respond, the board said in its order.