Disbarment pending for former Centre County prosecutor Steve Sloane, convicted of selling drugs

Former Centre County prosecutor Steve Sloane will be disbarred effective next month because of his conviction for selling marijuana, the state Supreme Court has ordered.

Sloane, of Duncansville, will not be able to practice law as of Dec. 7. Sloane was charged with selling marijuana while he was working as a defense lawyer in 2011. Sloane pleaded guilty earlier this year, and, in September, he was given a sentence of seven years’ probation.

Sloane apologized in open court, saying he should have known better.

Sloane was an assistant district attorney here until January 2010, when then-newly elected District Attorney Stacy Parks Miller took office and made staff changes that included letting Sloane go. Sloane’s tenure included working for Ray Gricar, the district attorney who has been missing since 2005 and was declared legally dead in 2011.

Sloane had worked at Masorti & Sullivan for four months in 2011, but he was terminated when the firm learned of the criminal investigation.