Tyrone women arrested in undercover drug bust

Two Tyrone women were arrested Tuesday after an undercover drug buy in the borough, according to a news release by the state Attorney General’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigation.

Karla Louise Galbraith, 56, of 108 Sylvan Acres, and Sheila Jeannette Fox, 45, of 400 W. 16th St., were charged with criminal conspiracy, delivery of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance. Galbraith is also charged with criminal use of a communication facility.

Police said that an undercover officer purchased 20 Oxycontin pills, each 80 mg., for $800. After the delivery, police arrested the two women at Galbraith’s residence, police said.

After the arrest, police said they also seized 22 additional Oxycontin pills, each 80 mg.; 13 acetaminophen and oxycondone hydrochloride pills; and $60 in cash.

Galbraith and Fox were taken to the Blair County Prison, where they will be arraigned.

Involved in the operation were Altoona Police department, Tyrone Police Department, Blair County District Attorney’s Office and Blair County Task Force officers working for the state Attorney General Office’s Bureau of Narcotics Investigation.