State College man sentenced to jail for dealing heroin

A State College man will spend at least two years behind bars in a state prison for dealing heroin in Centre County.

Charles Jones, 21, was sentenced Thursday after he pleaded guilty to three drug counts during a court appearance. The counts were possession with intent to deliver heroin, conspiracy to deliver a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Judge Pamela A. Ruest gave Jones a maximum sentence of five years.

State police had set up controlled buys with Jones after they got tips he had been selling heroin in State College and Philipsburg, according to court documents.

The first buy, Sept. 16, yielded 10 bags of heroin. On Oct. 8, police found 148 baggies of heroin, 2.5 pounds of synthetic marijuana, 2 ounces of marijuana and various drug paraphernalia.