State College police: Woman eludes would-be abductor

A State College woman escaped a man who tried to pull her into his car Saturday, the second such incident in the past two weeks, police said.

The woman reported the incident after learning about an assault Jan. 25 in which a Penn State student was forced into a car on Shortlidge Road at approximately 1 a.m. In that incident, the victim broke free before one of the abductors was able to sexually assault her.

Penn State Police Chief Tyrone Parham said there were no significant leads in that case.

According to State College Lt. Mark Argiro, the second incident occurred at about 1 a.m. Saturday.

The female was walking on south on Allen Street when a white sedan pulled up next to her. The passenger, described as a black man, asked her if she was OK. She ignored him, and he persisted to offer her a ride home, police said. When she still didn’t engage him, the man got out of the car, grabbed her arm and asked her where she lived.

Police said the woman was able to break free and ran home.

Argiro said no further information or identification of the assailant was available. Police are characterizing the incident as harassment. Argiro pointed to the specific actions of the perpetrator in pursuing the woman without retreating when she ignored him in using that definition.