Investigation reveals large amounts of heroin coming to State College area

Thursday’s arrests in an alleged heroin trafficking ring show large amounts of the illegal drug are coming into the area.

Information presented to a grand jury in Dauphin County shows a web of criminal enterprises dating back to 2011, with a steady stream of bags of heroin flowing into central Pennsylvania from Philadelphia.

Eight suspects were charged for their alleged roles in the drug ring; two suspects have not been apprehended as of Thursday afternoon.

Witnesses testified that Bryon Jacobs, 25, and his brother, Bryheem Jacobs, were traveling back and forth to Philadelphia multiple times a week, bringing back 250 to 500 bags of heroin each time, according to the grand jury presentment. The brothers would bring heroin users with them to test the quality of the product, according to court documents. Jacobs would buy the drugs in bulk rather than pre-packaged, cutting out a middleman to make more money, the document shows.

Anthony Sassano, regional director of the state Attorney General’s Office Bureau of Narcotics Investigation, said Thursday that was a money-making strategy used in the area, with higher-level dealers coming to the area themselves to sell their product.

“What they could sell in Philadelphia for $5, they could sell for $20 in Centre County,” he said.

Bryon Jacobs had not been arrested as of Thursday afternoon, but multiple drug charges were pending his arrest. Officials said the location of Bryheem Jacobs was not known.

Another witness said he bought up to 100 bags of heroin at a time from Dwayne Mays, 27, and another conspirator over a four- or five-month period. Mays, a prisoner at the State Correctional Institution at Laurel Highlands in Somerset County, was charged with multiple drug crimes as part of the sting operation.

Newark, N.J., also was an origin point for some drugs. Authorities said Theophilus Baldwin, 36, traveled there twice in 2012 for heroin destined for the State College market — once for 450 bags and then for 600.

Baldwin, while based in Amanda Cain’s Bellefonte residence, allegedly spent days in State College area hotels selling heroin and hosting parties, according to the report. Cain and Baldwin also were arrested on numerous drug charges Thursday.

Police allege that heroin was sometimes coming from Mandy Mabry, 38, of Lock Haven, also charged Thursday. The grand jury presentment details Mabry providing Baldwin with two to four bricks, each with 50 bags, of heroin up to three times per week.

Mabry’s supply came from Jacobs and Mays, a relationship dating back as far as 2009, according to court documents. The Attorney General’s Office documented 20 to 25 deliveries from Mays to Mabry, and another five from Jacobs.

Police informants also are listed as making significant purchases over the course of the investigation.

In September 2013, Baldwin is alleged to have sold 30 bags of heroin to an informant from the trunk of a car outside the CVS Pharmacy on West Beaver Avenue, according to court records.