Fake cops get real sentences for robbery

Garrett Freeman
Garrett Freeman

Impersonating police officers to steal cash and illegal drugs did not work out for two local men who will do prison time.

Cameron Woodring, age unavailable, of Bellefonte, and Garrett Freeman, 18, of Millheim, robbed a Bellefonte-area home in August, according to court documents.

Freeman gained entry to the residence when he banged on the door wearing a black shirt with the word “police” on it, a fake badge and a ski mask. He pointed a sawed-off shotgun at the man who answered the door, then struck him with the butt of the gun, rendering him unconscious.

Coming fully into the home, he pointed the gun at a second victim while Woodring entered through another door, his face masked and brandishing a pistol. They secured the two victims, tying up one and handcuffing the other.

Freeman forced the first victim to open a bedroom safe, and the pair filled two backpacks with $10,000 and a pound of marijuana, according to reports. They fled the area but not before locking the shotgun, concealed in a duffel bag, in a car parked in Woodring’s mother’s yard.

They were arrested in North Carolina a week later.

Woodring pleaded guilty to one count of robbery-criminal conspiracy, a felony, in February. Freeman entered a guilty plea to one count of robbery-criminal conspiracy and one count of aggravated assault, also a felony, according to court documents.

On Friday, Judge Pamela A. Ruest sentenced Woodring to five to 15 years in prison. Freeman received a seven- to 17-year sentence.