P-O middle school hit with another threat

Philipsburg-Osceola Middle School was hit Thursday with another terroristic threat.

State police at Clearfield said the incident happened in the afternoon when a note was found scrawled on a bathroom wall: “I will kill U all.”

Evacuations were staged, searches conducted and bomb dogs brought in for the other threats. Paladina said that was not necessary in this case because the threat was discovered by administrators after school hours, and Principal Kelly Rees and Assistant Principal Brian Pelka identified the student. Police have not announced any arrests.

This is the second threatening message at the middle school in less than a month. The last was a bomb threat April 17, reported by a student who brought in a piece of notebook paper he claimed to have found in the boys’ bathroom.

Administrators quickly determined the student was the one who wrote the threatening message. The 14-year-old perpetrator was taken into custody by state police at Clearfield.

Two more bathroom bomb threats were received April 15 and 16 at Philipsburg-Osceola High School. Superintendent Gregg Paladina said the suspects in those cases have been identified, and charges will be filed soon by state police at Philipsburg.

With four terroristic threats reported in three weeks, P-O is taking steps to try to make students understand the seriousness of the situation.

“We’ve had multiple assemblies, brought in law enforcement officers, people from the Attorney General’s Office, and we believe we are addressing the problem,” said Paladina. “Basically, these are kids using poor judgment, and it’s a shame. ... The fact is that this attention-seeking behavior will clearly affect their education in the future.”