Scooter horn angers car driver in State College

A man got the worst of a road rage incident Saturday after a scooter horn angered him.

Police said as the man pulled out onto North Atherton Street from the entrance to the State College Bus Terminal, a motor scooter operator sounded his horn at the car.

The car’s driver caught up to the scooter near the intersection of Atherton and West College Avenue, got out of his car and approached the scooter’s operator.

“I don’t need any of your Mickey Mouse (bull),” the car’s driver reportedly said.

The scooter operator then shoved the car’s driver in the face, knocking him down in the street before speeding away, police said.

The car’s driver called police but was unable to describe the scooter operator, who was wearing a shielded helmet, or the scooter in detail. Police, who did not identify the car’s driver, told him not to challenge other motorists like he did, and are not further investigating the incident.